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The Dawson FamilyMississippi Berries is a subsidiary of RiverRun Farms owned by Andrew and Julie Dawson, and family. We began farming in 2002 with a few acres of barley and 3 beef cows. Since that time our farm operation has grown to include other crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and of course, strawberries. The beef herd has grown as well to 40 beef cows and we continue to see increasing demand for our grass fed beef that we raise and direct market to friends and neighbours in the area.


RiverRun Farms and Mississippi Berries is a family run farming operation that focuses on sustainable production practices to produce high quality agricultural products and food for the local market place.


First berries of the seasonEach year we plant more strawberry plants to ensure we have new production available as older plants are ploughed under. The transplants arrive in early spring from nursery’s in Ontario and Nova Scotia. We typically choose up to 4 different varieties to plant each year to ensure we have a selection of maturities to meet all of our customer’s needs. For the first year the plants are cared for and allowed to grow and develop in order that they can produce berries for the following year. New plants usually produce berries for three-four years. After this time they are ploughed under to make room for a new berry planting.

In the fall, once the ground is completely frozen, they are covered with straw. This offers some protection from continuous thawing and freezing conditions. The straw provides clean and comfortable picking conditions, enhances the soil and helps it retain moisture. In the spring, once the threat of frost is nearly over the straw is removed and growing begins. Once blossoms appear it is imperative that any frost be managed to ensure the plant is not damaged. Should we encounter a frosty night we irrigate before sunrise to raise the temperature in the field.


Our focus is to satisfy all of our customers.  At times during the berry season we have to close the berry patch for a day to allow the field to rest. This ensures that the field is able to regenerate and provide exceptional berries to our customers for a longer season.

We hope to see you this season.

Andrew & Julie

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